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Punctual deliveries throughout Europe

Timely delivery is definitely of major importance in the retail market. Our real-time monitoring system allows us to monitor carefully where your products are, so that your flowers arrive at the supermarket just in time on every occasion, regardless of where in Europe the order needs to be taken.

Tracing everything

We know where all the products in our air-conditioned spaces come from: from which supplier, when they were packaged and where they are going. Our real-time track & trace system makes it clear to everyone how the product has been processed.

Retail is detail

In addition to shipping, the logistical process surrounding the supplying of added materials and the binding of the bouquets (including suitable packaging) is a customised project.

24 hours per day, 7 days per week

We deliver from large to small using permanent shipping agents and air-conditioned equipment. There is a suitable shipping agent for every customer and region, so even in peak season we are able to provide large volumes at competitive rates and make clear arrangements 24/7.

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