From grower to customer

Bouquetnet prefers to buy its flowers directly from its selected growers. This close cooperation results not only in efficiency but also better quality. The flowers are prepared for delivery on site where a team ensures the perfect quality of the products. Next, the products are sent from the grower to the customer within 24 hours by means of temperature-controlled transport.

At the same time, we stand for consistent quality and favourable terms and conditions. Since we usually work with growers on a contract basis, we can guarantee quality and the origins of the flowers can always be traced. This means that we can also satisfy stringent requirements for the use of pesticides.

Together with our growers, we respond to the needs of the customer. With our wide range of flowers from all over the world, we can offer an extensive choice of bouquets. This also makes it possible to minimize waste since the flowers arrive ready-made at their destination: a benefit for the environment as well.

In addition to the “mono lines” that we supply directly from grower to customer, the flowers are processed into bouquets in our modern production area.

Watch this film and experience the origins of our flowers

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