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Frontrunner in sustainability

In addition to innovation, sustainability is another important pillar when it comes to business operations. With the commissioning of sustainably built business premises in 2014, a major leap was made towards sustainable business practices. Since 2018, Bouquetnet has been located in new, extremely sustainable business premises at Green Park Aalsmeer, where production processes are energy-neutral.

Rainwater is collected, filtered and used for the flowers. Waste water is purified and recycled for the toilets in the building. On the roof, there are 2060 solar panels which largely meet our energy requirements. Storage of cold and heat in the ground ensure minimal energy consumption for heating and cooling of business premises and offices.

Corporate social responsibility

In addition to the environment, people are also central to Bouquetnet. This isn’t just expressed in terms of the good working conditions for employees, with a gym where all employees can train under the supervision of a personal trainer, but also in the sponsorship of several initiatives.

Three good causes are very important to Bouquetnet: Stichting Veilig Onderwijs (Foundation for Safe Education), which strives to reduce bullying at school, the Ronald Moerings Foundation, which collects money for cancer research at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek institute, and Stichting Ons Tweede Thuis (Second Home Foundation) in Aalsmeer, which supports people with special needs.